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Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, materials molding and control engineering, metal materials, mold design, packaging engineering, measurement and control technology and equipment, etc., undergraduate and above.
Five insurance a gold: pension insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance; housing provident fund;
Supplementary medical insurance: Qingdao City workers medical aid protection plan;
Clothing: free delivery uniforms (spring and autumn, summer two sets, winter set);
Food: staff restaurant;
Live: free single apartment;
Line: shuttle free shuttle staff to get off work;
Entertainment: staff club equipped with billiard room, reading room, chess room and so on.
Holidays: national statutory holidays, paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, sick leave;
Other items: birthday cake, traditional holiday gifts, summer cooling subsidies, gold and silver bronze medal, technical / management innovation project awards, millions of incentive programs, staff preferred selection, excellent staff travel, paid training.

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Contact: 0532--83303797 83308152
Address: No.6, Hong Kong Road, Overseas Chinese Science and Technology Park, Pingdu City, Shandong Province, China
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