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Production equipment and process
With the machine processing line and heat treatment production line composed by the high level equipment of forging, heat treatment and milled rice, the production has achieved the automation, digitalizaiton, procedure, which laid the solid equipment foundation of first level product of the world.
The company builds high level crankshaft production line and makes intelligent upgrading and reforms of the heat treatment, connecting rod and crank. Applying the advanced digital control technology and informatization technology in all round way, the engine crankshaft production line adopts the intelligent processing and detection equipment, joint robot, flexible plates chains, truss robot and AVG transport robot designed with automatic detection function. The intelligent control covers material handling, loading, clamping, processing, measurement, feedback and revision.
Product development adopts computer-aided equipment. The company serves as the enterprises technology center in Qingdao, enterprises technology center in Shandong province, high level technology enterprise in country which benefits from High quality research employee and research ability. As the national measurement unit and measurement assurance confirmation unit, the company has advance detection measures and high precision detector such as the international high-end three coordinate measuring machine, material analysis spectrometer, crankshaft dynamic balancing machine, universal tool microscope, universal measuring instrument, Cylindricity Measuring Instrument, digital projector, roughness measuring instrument, microcomputer control automatic analyzer, metallographic microscope, microhardness tester and integrated pneumatic instrument, which contributes to good data monitoring, analysis, and delivery of values. 
Engine crank pin intelligent production line
Production Line of Automatic CNC Nitriding Furnace
Precision Forging Production Line
Heat Treatment CNC Box-type Furnace Production Line
Intelligent production line
Information system
Production of intelligent
Intelligent intelligence is the foundation for industrial 4.0. Qingdao Desheng implementation of the "production of intelligent" strategy, built China's first engine crankshaft intelligent production line. The formation of large displacement high-end multi-cylinder crankshaft intelligent production line, and heat treatment, connecting rod, crank pin production line comprehensive intelligent upgrade.